What is Boom Energy Shot?

Boom Energy Shot is an instant energy and immune booster, beats fatigue, increases focus and concentration; with one shot!

How much caffeine is in a Boom Energy Shot?

Boom Energy Shot consists of 180mg of caffeine stimulates the mind and helps boost endurance, the ability to concentrate, and improvement and alertness.

Is Boom Energy Shot halal?

Boom Energy Shot is halal certified by JAKIM.

How do I drink Boom Energy Shot?

Consume one Boom Energy Shot bottle for maximum effect. Consume or discard any remainder within 72 hours after opening. It does not require refrigeration.

What flavours do Boom Energy Shot’s come in?

Lemon Lime, Tutty Fruity and Blackcurrant

How many bottles should I take per day?

Recommendation is to take no more than two bottles a day and must be consumed several hours apart.

Where can I buy Boom Energy Shot?

You can purchase them on our website here or our Shopee account.

Who should not take Boom Energy Shot?

Boom Energy Shot is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women and persons sensitive to caffeine.